top bridal personal trainer DenverLauren Wasp Lennon…you absolutely take our breath away! You are such a stunning bride and amazing BbE girl!

Every day we are inspired by the strong, healthy and positive BbE girls we get to work with. Even more than an inspiration, Lauren motivated us to be our best by wholeheartedly dedicating herself to the BbE lifestyle!best personal trainer for brides Denver

She took her fitness to the next level with 1-3 fitness training sessions with Emilee each week, 6 mile runs outside as well as workouts on her own or with her husband, Brian. She loved her nutrition plan and stayed on track by nourishing and fueling her body with only the best, most nutrient rich foods. Brian also got on board with the nutrition! He followed BbE on Facebook and Instagram, keeping tabs on the latest recipes and making sure they were part of their menu plan for the week. What truly motivated us though, was not only the way Lauren embraced living fit and eating healthy, but her amazing and contagious attitude and positive energy! She is absolutely one of the happiest and most balanced girls we have worked with. She would show up to her workouts smiling, glowing and so excited to exercise! Her sparkly spirit and genuine heart brighten up the room and uplift everyone around her. An absolutely beautiful treasure in our BbE world!

best bridal personal trainer Denver

Here is what she had to say about working with BbE!

BbE: How was working with BbE different than anything else you have done?

Everytime I left a session with Emilee, I not only had an amazing workout but I also left with a great perspective on life, an amazing energy, and an overall positive outlook. This is not something you get with any trainer… this is an experience only Emilee can give. 


BbE: What were your goals when you started working with BbE?

My goals were to get more toned and get in the rhythm of lifting. I had played around with lifting, but focused mostly on cardio due to a lack of knowledge. Emilee quickly helped me learn to not be afraid of lifting and embrace it!

BbE: How did working with BbE make a difference in getting to your goals?

Emilee not only helped me reach my goals of getting toned, she changed my lifestyle. She made me more confident, more aware, and taught me how to live a balanced life. I have Emilee to thank for my new perspective on health and fitness!

best personal trainer for brides Denver
Here is more from Lauren about her training experience with Emilee.
“Emilee was truly incredible to work with! She not only helped me with my physical goals but her positive and motivating attitude helped me in all aspects of my life. Emilee truly cares about her clients and works with each individual to find the right balance for them. Emilee will push you harder than you think you are capable of and she will leave you looking and feeling like a new person. Most importantly, Emilee helped me focus on what I wanted my life to look like…not just my body. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Emilee!”
Awww!  Thanks Lauren! We can’t say enough wonderful things about you! Congratulations to you and Brian! Love you! xo
top bridal personal trainer Denver