is a lifestyle focused coaching program rooted in positivity, empowerment, intention and growth! As a community we seek our full potential through working out, eating healthy and exploring a deeper level of holistic wellness. 

We embrace and embody “healthy living” in a whole new way as we aspire to be authentic, purposeful and mindful in everything we do! If you share our passion, join our community and connect to the healthy lifestyle you desire!

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I am Emilee Jones…


I am so excited to welcome you to BbE where I have been helping women reach their health, fitness and weight loss goals for over 19 years. I am here to keep you accountable and motivated as you build a beautiful, fit and feminine body as well as realize, define and connect to a healthier way of living!

Feeling energetic and fit, eating healthy, nutrient rich food and developing emotional and spiritual wellness are all part of the BbE lifestyle. My mission is to help you discover and embrace the activities, foods, thoughts and behaviors that empower you to transform your body and your lifestyle!

BbE fitness training is for women who want to be fit, healthy and active. My programs are designed to build beautiful, strong, feminine bodies! I work to create challenging, dynamic and focused workouts that “work with your body” to boost your energy, build strength and tone your muscles!

BbE nutrition coaching will help you incorporate healthy and nutrient rich foods into your day to create an enjoyable and sustainable way of eating. I’ll help you organize everything from weekly meal planning to what you are eating daily. With ideas, tips and healthy recipes…BbE has everything you need to fuel your workouts, feel better and build a beautiful, fit body from the inside out!

The final focus of BbE is to help you uncover and integrate the wellness practices that will support and facilitate authentic transformation. Being fit, eating healthy and losing weight is about so much more than aesthetics. Becoming stronger and healthier also means stepping into your power, finding your voice and letting your light shine! I will work with you to unpack what is holding you back so you can connect and align with your purpose and true version of yourself!

It’s time to create the healthy lifestyle you desire!


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