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We are so excited to introduce Ashley and share the story of how BbE helped this beautiful bride not only get ready for her big day, but also create a fit lifestyle she could continue with long after she said “I do”!

Best personal trainer Denver

When Ashley first started with Body by Emilee, her busy schedule and demanding job had started to take a toll on her fitness and she was looking for a way to get back in shape! Her upcoming wedding was part of the motivation, but she made sure we knew, more than anything she wanted to take this time to do something for herself and be healthier.

Emilee took a very balanced, lifestyle approach to Ashley’s fitness and nutrition programs. She came up with a weekly workout schedule that Ashley could easily fit into her calendar and helped Ashley with healthy meal and snack ideas as well as simple ways she could incorporate more veggies and nutrient rich foods into her everyday nutrition. Keeping Ashley motivated was easy…her positive attitude and radiant smile light up the gym and let you know how much she loves being active!

Not only did Ashley look amazing for her wedding, she has been able to maintain her fit and healthy lifestyle ever since. We are so proud of her and the lovely way she represents BbE…living fit, eating healthy and being inspired! 

 Here is what she had to say about working with BbE!

best bridal personal trainer Denver

BbE: What 3 words best describe your training experience with BbE?

Empowering, Energizing, Confidence-Boosting (sorry, had to cheat with a double word!)
BbE: How challenging was it to incorporate your BbE fitness and nutrition plan into your lifestyle?

Emilee made it easy to fit sessions into my sometimes hectic schedule so it wasn’t difficult at all. I love the flexibility she offers, which makes it so easy to stay on track and stick to my workouts.
BbE: What results/changes most surprised you?
I am surprised by how much my workouts positively impact my habits and activities at home – I find that I want to drink a lot more water and eat more “healthy-energy” foods because I’ve seen the difference it can make in my stamina not only in my training sessions, but at work, and in my own leisure activities like hiking and tennis. I also see improvements in my productivity and stress levels throughout the week which is a huge added benefit!

Denver's best personal trainer

 Read more from Ashley about training with BbE.

I found Emilee a little over 3 months before my wedding and she was and is the best thing that ever happened to me! I wanted to feel and look like my best self for my wedding but between working 10-12 hour days and planning the final wedding details it was hard to find the time to dedicate myself to the gym as much as I thought I needed to.

Emilee not only worked with me to find training times that fit my schedule, but she also packed every 1-hour workout with full-body movements and weights to get the very most out of my time with her – meaning that I didn’t need to be in the gym for hours every day to see results. We worked together twice a week at first and three times a week for the last month leading up the wedding. The workouts that Emilee designed for me were challenging, but totally flew by! She keeps things so fun by changing up the workouts, playing great music, and being so motivational! Emilee is able to keep me motivated in such a positive way: there’s no guilt-tripping, pushiness or intimidation at all – she understands my goals and knows what it takes to achieve them so she’s able to push me to be my best self.

I found that the workouts became easier as I continued my training with Emilee – I was able to do more sets, of more exercises, with more weight during my time with her without needing to rest as frequently. I found that I had more energy throughout the day and slept better at night. The results were incredible! I could see long lean muscle forming but without sacrificing a feminine shape or becoming bulky. My metabolism increased and I dropped a dress size and [15 pounds] before my wedding. The unquantifiable benefits were just as great – the workouts were just the stress release that I needed so I felt both physically and emotionally fit!

Body by Emilee has provided me with all of the tools and resources that I’ve needed to keep the weight off and maintain a healthy lifestyle and I’m so glad I found Emilee!

Awww! We’re so glad you found us too! Thanks for the beautiful energy you bring to every session! xo 

best personal trainer Denver