best personal trainer for brides DenverAs beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, we absolutely adore BbE girl, Johanna Bohrer-Grossman and are so excited to share her amazing wedding photos and training story with you. See how living fit, eating healthy and being inspired helped her get ready for her big day…and more!  best personal trainer for brides Denver
When Johanna asked Body by Emilee owner, Emilee Jones to train her for her wedding, she jumped at the chance! One of the first things Emilee did was look at Johanna’s current workout schedule and daily nutrition. They sat down for a fitness and nutrition strategy session and came up with a plan for how Johanna could change her nutrition and maximize her time in the gym to get to her fitness and body goals. When they started, Johanna had mostly healthy eating habits and a good base of nutrition knowledge. Emilee suggested a few ways she could tweak her nutrition and came up with a plan that would be easy for Johanna to implement into her day. By eating a little cleaner, fine tuning her pre and post workout nutrition and getting more nutrient rich foods into every meal, Emilee helped Johanna decrease her body fat and get energized and fueled for her busy days and awesome workouts! Because her workouts were mostly cardio based, Emilee was super excited to add in some strength training and mix up her current routine. Mixing up your workouts and adding strength training to your weekly workout schedule is essential if you want to change the shape of your body and define your muscles. Strength training truly makes such a difference in how you look and feel and with Johanna’s incredible “take on any challenge” attitude and commitment and dedication to living fit, Emilee knew she could get her the results she wanted!

best personal trainer for brides DenverHere is what she had to say about working with BbE!

BbE:  What made you decide to work with BbE?

Emilee was an instructor at the gym where I used to work out and her classes were always the best. She pushed everyone to their limits and she didn’t just stand in front of the class and tell us what to do, she worked her ass off with us. She really practices what she preaches and motivates you to not only get fit but be healthy.

BbE: How was working with BbE different than working out on your own?

Emilee put customized workouts together based on what I expressed were my ‘target areas’ and after discussing goals, we set up a schedule and it was always the best 1 hour workout of my week. She is excellent at explaining and showing you correct form and what you should be thinking while doing the lift. I always push harder when working out with her because she keeps you motivated and striving to hit the next rep.

BbE: What changes to your body and fitness level did you see and feel?

Eating clean, doing Emilee’s lifting routines 3-4 times a week and doing HIIT cardio got me in the best shape of my life. I have never been as toned, lean and strong. I think staying consistent and mixing up the routines was essential for me to not get bored with what I was doing. Emilee was a vital part of getting all of this rolling, she’s my inspiration!

best personal trainer for brides DenverRead more about Johanna’s training experience with Emilee.

“I have ABSOLUTELY loved working with Emilee – BbE over the past year! I initially starting working with her to get in shape for my wedding and become more familiar with heavy lifting to tone up. It has lead to SO much more! She is extremely motivating, very real world, always pushing you to the next level, available for questions and best of all – she practices what she preaches! She is not only an amazing personal trainer, she has great tips on eating clean and shares awesome recipes. I am now going through my second round of sessions with her and I’m getting all new routines that I’m OBSESSED with! If you never thought you could look forward to working out and being sore, work with BbE – you’ll start seeing results in no time and you’ll be hooked!”

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We look forward to every session with you and love the way you so beautifully embody all things BbE! Cheers to you babe! Lots of love! xo