Absolutely guys!!! :) IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW HARD YOU WORK IN THE GYM IF YOU DON’T CONTROL WHAT YOU PUT ON YOUR PLATE. No way, no how. ;)  I have this debate with people all of the time.  If you are trying to maintain a lean physique, lose weight and build or keep those beautiful muscles defined, you not only have to workout, but you MUST EAT CLEAN.  Even on Thanksgiving? ;)  I say yes! Here are my 10 TIPS FOR STAYING FIT THIS THANKSGIVING:

1- Start the day off with a healthy, clean breakfast.  My personal favorite…1/2 cup of oatmeal with 1 egg, 1 egg white and 1 cup of spinach.  Protein, gluten free carbohydrates and some veggies.  Pretty much BBE perfection. :)  Wake up and eat something healthy. Get your metabolism started and get some fuel in that body.

2- Move.  Go for a run, hit the gym, do an in-home workout, get the family together for a game of football, a walk, a bike ride, a hike, a game of tennis, basketball, head to the neighborhood high school and run the stairs, grab a jump rope and get to it, hit the floor with some pushups…I could go on and on.  Point is…move. A day of inactivity does not a sexy body make. ;)

3- Change the focus of the day. Rather than focusing on a day of eating gut busting amounts of fatty food, focus on your amazing friends and family and all you have to be grateful for.  Take 10 minutes to get quiet and focus on all of the things you are grateful for.  Meditate or journal and take your mind and your energy to a very positive and grateful place.

4- Be a part of the plan.  Offer menu suggestions and get involved with the planning process. This will help insure that healthy dishes will be available for you.

5- Get in the kitchen and get involved with the cooking and preparation of the food.  For one thing, this will give you an idea of what is truly healthy and what you might want to avoid.  Helping out can also be a great way to improve the nutrition of what is being cooked.  And definitely offer to bring or prepare some healthy side dishes that you know will keep your nutrition on track.

6- Avoid the obvious pitfalls.  Gravy, marshmallows, whipped cream, butter and one of the most calorie laden desserts on the planet…pecan pie.  Steer clear of the things you know are going to force you to unbutton the top button of your pants.  Not a good thing. Need I say more. ;)

7- Go Gluten Free.  Even if just for the day.  I have recently gone completely wheat and flour free and it has absolutely been the best thing I have ever done for my energy, my body and my nutrition.  I love it and have to say, I do not miss a thing.  It has been fabulous!  Not ready to permanently make the switch?  Why not give it a try on Thanksgiving. I guarantee your waistline will be better for it!

8- Get colorful. Get LOTS of green, some deep purple, some dark orange and vibrant red on that plate. Rich, colorful fruits and veggies will fill you up without loading you down.  Make sure your plate is not just filled with tan. Tan = starchy, processed carbs and sugar loaded.  Get the good stuff on your plate!

9- Remember that it is JUST A MEAL.  It is one meal people…okay, okay…with leftovers too.  But, it is in all reality, just a meal.  Make it a healthier meal by going for smaller portions of the less than healthy side dishes and fill your plate with larger portions of the more nutritious choices.

10- Pick one indulgence and ENJOY!  Pick one thing that you really want to indulge in and enjoy it!  Whether that is some wine, the pumpkin pie (please not the pecan pie) ;), the mashed potatoes, the dressing.  Whatever you truly want to indulge in…go for it.  Maybe even just go for a few bites, but keep it to just one thing.  Your body will THANK YOU for it! :)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Hope you all enjoy a beautiful holiday with your friends and family! So grateful for all of you and for getting to do what I do each and every day!  xoxo