Welcome to Body by Emilee! Your source and inspiration for living a fit, healthy, balanced life! We love fitness, staying active and working out. We nourish our bodies by eating healthy, nutrient rich foods. We aspire to be authentic, positive and mindful in everything we do. If you share our passion…join our community and move your life and your body in the direction of your dreams!

Live fit. Eat healthy. Be inspired!

Denver life coach

I am Emilee Jones…


I have been motivating, inspiring and building, beautiful, fit and feminine bodies for over 18 years. Let’s work together to create a lifestyle you love!

Being active and fit, eating healthy, nutrient rich food and developing emotional and spiritual wellness are all part of the BbE lifestyle. My mission is to help you find and embrace the activities, foods, thoughts and behaviors that make you feel energetic, nourished and amazing!

BbE fitness training is for women who love being fit, healthy and active and is designed to build beautiful, strong and feminine bodies! At BbE, we work to create challenging, dynamic and focused workouts, fitness programs, group training programs, fitness classes and seminars, all designed to help you build your dream body!

Dream bodies are not built on workouts alone though! Part of your fit and healthy lifestyle is the food and nutrients you put on your plate and into your body. My philosophy on nutrition and food has always been to “put only the best stuff” in your beautiful body. BbE nutrition is about eating not only healthy and nutrient rich foods, but also creating an enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle. When you fuel your body with amazing foods, you feel amazing! I truly love eating nutrient rich food and creating healthy nutrition recipes and resources. I’ll help you organize everything from weekly meal planning to every day eating. With ideas, tips and recipes…BbE has everything you need to fuel your workouts, boost your energy and build a beautiful, fit body from the inside out!

The final focus of BbE is to be the inspiration, motivation and support you need to truly make your AMAZING body and lifestyle happen! BbE is about being positive, energetic and balanced. The BbE lifestyle is about spending your time and energy doing what makes you feel inspired, happy and alive. Smile, laugh and glow! Find the things that nourish your soul and surround yourself with encouraging and motivating people and live a more balanced and blissful life! Be inspired with BbE!



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