Frustrated with your eating habits? Carb and sugar cravings making you feel out of control? Not sure of what changes to make? Well, guess what…you’re not alone. Meet Kayla A.! We are so happy to share her experience and success with Body by Emilee Nutrition Coaching. If you are struggling with your nutrition habits, not only will you be able to relate to her story, it just might inspire and motivate you!

When Kayla first started working with Emilee, she was super frustrated with her current eating habits, struggled with out of control sugar and carb cravings and wasn’t sure what to do to get to a healthier, happier place with her nutrition. She sat down with Emilee and they talked about her goals and what nutrition and lifestyle changes she wanted to make. Kayla was tired of feeling hungry all of the time, trying to eat healthy all day, then going into calorie overload at night and on the weekends. Emilee came up with a nutrition plan for her and they worked together to figure out how to close the gap between where she was and where she wanted to be.

Kayla started to follow her BbE nutrition plan and couldn’t believe what a difference just a few changes could make. Her cravings started to diminish, her energy increased, she felt good about how and what she was eating. She found she was able to travel, go out and socialize with friends and still keep up her healthy eating habits and lifestyle. She let go of her old ways and was able to develop a healthy relationship with food and eating…free, happy and more confident than ever before.

Here is what Kayla had to say about nutrition coaching with Emilee:

“Before I met Emilee, my unhappiness with my inability to stick to a healthy eating plan was at an all-time high.  I was on a constant rollercoaster that so many people share.  I would eat salads, yogurt and all healthy options from 9 am until 3 pm and then, when arriving home, I would feel famished.  I would cave and eat whatever was in the fridge or pantry.  I found my cravings for sugar would be impossible to ignore when I was around my vices.  Weekends I would find myself unable to follow my eating plan.  I was lost on my journey to a healthier and happier me.

Then Emilee came in.  Immediately she let me know that my habits of eating a very restricted diet and then crashing to my food vices in the afternoon was actually very common.  She completed my sentences.  She made me feel like there was hope and that I would be able to reign in my eating habits.  Through our meetings, we analyzed my habits and created a plan that left me feeling in control and, to my surprise, full!  I learned the power of protein and was able to work with her to assess the times that I did have a “bad” day of eating.  With Emilee’s help, I was able to accomplish my goal of feeling in control of my eating and, consequently, losing the bit of weight that would enable me to feel so much more confident.

I could not recommend Emilee more.  She can relate to her client and she truly cares about your success.  Thank you Emilee!!”

Kayla! You’re so awesome girl! We love to see you looking and feeling amazing! xo