best personal trainer DenverWalked out of the house this morning and forgot your lunch? Ducked out of the gym early because you couldn’t stay focused during your workout? In the middle of a conversation with your bestie when you realize you have no idea what she is talking about? Not being present has a huge impact not only on your fitness and nutrition, but also on your relationships, your job, and your well being.

It happens. It is easy to get distracted, lose focus or just go through your day on autopilot. Mindlessly eating whatever is convenient, easy and readily available, hopping on an elliptical machine and just going through the motions, zoning out during work meetings and conversations with family, coworkers and friends…not being present for anything or anyone, including yourself.

What if you decided to get dialed in and worked on being more present? Would it change what and how you ate, the way you worked out, your personal interactions and how focused, confident and happy you are? Think about what a difference being present and living in the moment would make. The positive impact it would have on everything in your life.

First, let’s talk about what “being present” means. Being present is simply being engaged physically, emotionally, and mentally in what is going on and what you are doing in this moment. Focusing on what you are doing, what or who is in front of you, right here, right now. What does a day of living present look like? How would it affect your nutrition, fitness, relationships, job, sense of contentment and happiness?

Imagine waking up and noticing how beautiful the sunlight coming in through the window is, how amazing a hug and kiss from your partner feels. Making a healthy, nutrient rich breakfast and savoring every bite. Conscientiously packing your bag for work, focusing to make sure you have everything you need, including your lunch, healthy snacks and gym clothes. Getting in your car and rather than texting or trying to read emails, paying attention to traffic and where you need to go. Sitting down in your office and organizing your day. Taking on one task at a time, giving it your complete concentration. Heading to the gym for an amazing workout. Paying attention to how hard you are working, what muscles you are using and how great it feels to be active. Stopping to chat with a friend on your way out, but rather than thinking about what you have to do when you get home, you listen to what she is saying, maybe she makes you laugh or you pick up on the cues that something is wrong. Either way you are engaged with her and what is going on. Afterwards, rather than mindlessly grabbing takeout or something on the go, heading home to make a healthy dinner filled with fresh veggies and lean protein. Noticing how delicious it tastes and how good eating healthy makes you feel. During dinner you are involved in the conversation, sharing, listening and truly hearing what everyone else has to say. What an amazing day…right? Nothing out of the ordinary happened, but you were able to connect to your life and fully enjoy and experience every moment!

Give it a try this week! Remove distractions, practice being mindful and present and see what happens! See how much better healthy food tastes, how easy it is to eat less of it and feel satisfied and how much your cravings for unhealthy foods decrease. See how much easier working out becomes, how much harder you’re able to push and how much better you feel afterwards. See how much more efficient, focused and effective you are at work. And finally, see how much less anxious and stressed you feel, how energized and clear headed you are. Watch how much your sleep and mood improve, how your sense of connection, compassion and contentment increase. You’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes. Truly, truly babes…being present is everything…xo

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