Best bridal personal Denver Amy Foster-Wood…not only are you a breathtakingly beautiful bride, you are also an incredibly wonderful person! We are so happy to present your gorgeous pictures and motivating story. Such a true inspiration for living a fit and healthy lifestyle!

best bridal personal trainer DenverWhen Amy first called Emilee, she had gotten engaged and was beginning to plan her wedding. Growing up as an athlete, she had always worked out and been in shape, but the time crunch of building a career and extra calories from a busy social life had caused her to gain weight and feel unhealthy. She was ready to make some changes in order to look and feel her best! Emilee got her started with a strength training program designed to get her heart rate up, burn calories and push her strength and endurance levels. They worked together to come up with a consistent weekly fitness schedule that would compliment her BbE workouts and help her achieve her weight loss and fitness goals. To say she “brings it” every session is an understatement. Her athletic background and positive attitude enhance and elevate everything she does! She embraces every exercise and takes on every challenge Emilee presents. We can’t say enough about how awesome it is to work with her! However, it wasn’t cardio and strength training alone that was going to get her to her goals! Amy had been diagnosed with celiac disease and was already eating a gluten free diet. She discussed her nutrition with Emilee and they came up with a few small changes she could make as well as specific snack ideas and ways she could create healthier meals. By focusing on eating more protein and vegetables and fine tuning her pre and post workout nutrition, Amy started to see the pounds come off. Combining the nutrition changes with the workouts was key though! She toned up her arms and back, lost inches and body fat and got to her goal weight. Not only did she look absolutely stunning, she felt confident, healthy and strong. You see it in her smile and the way she shines in everything she does! She stole her fiancee Ryan’s heart and ours too!

best personal trainer for females DenverHere is what she had to say about working with BbE! 

What is your favorite part of training with BbE?
Training with BbE is the highlight of my week! Not only do I get an amazing workout that challenges me each and every time, but I get to spend time with Emilee. Her positive outlook is always appreciated, especially when the stress of wedding planning started to creep in!
BbE: When it came to your nutrition, what was the most beneficial part of working with BbE?

Emilee created a nutrition plan that focused on eating real food, which I loved! Making small tweaks, like adding more protein, made a huge difference. I also loved that her recipes are gluten-free. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2010 so I’m always on the lookout for delicious GF options. Her weekly recipe posts were a lifesaver! Some of my favorites (100% fiancee approved) were the Chipotle Salsa Baked Chicken, Grain Free Italian Meatballs and Honey Jalapeno Chicken Tenders. These are still in rotation to this day!

BbE: How did BbE help you stay motivated?

Emilee helped me stay motivated by being a positive example. She truly practices what she preaches! We are all so busy and knowing that Emilee is able to train her clients, and run a successful business, all while eating clean and pushing herself physically is so motivating! She pushed me each and every session to make positive choices. Having her support meant the world to me!

best personal trainer for women Denver

Here’s more from Amy in her own words

“Working with Emilee in the months leading up to my September wedding was an amazing experience. As a former competitive athlete, I’ve always loved strength training and tried to lead an active lifestyle, but between a busy work schedule and planning a wedding, I felt like I needed help creating a consistent routine.

My goal was to feel toned and confident on my big day so I knew I would also need to make some changes to my diet. What I loved about working with Emilee is her “big picture” approach to training. She not only provides killer workouts and help with nutrition but she is in many ways a wedding planner/therapist/friend all in one!”

best bridal personal trainer Denver

Congratulations Amy! We are so happy for you and Ryan and so grateful to be part of your world! Thank you for sharing your sparkle, love and laughter with us! xo