Best personal trainer Denver

We are so excited to introduce you to one of our favorite BbE babes…Lisa Sackman! She is such an awesome example of someone who has made some amazing changes to her health and fitness and truly embraced the BbE lifestyle! Lisa first contacted Emilee because her inconsistent starve and binge eating habits and cardio focused workouts were not making her look or feel the way she wanted. She was tired, frustrated, unable to lose weight or get toned. She signed up for a BbE nutrition coaching package and loved it! Emilee helped her develop a daily nutrition plan that not only helped her feel satisfied and fueled, but was something she could do consistently. Next, they decided to tackle her workout schedule and see what she could do to feel more toned and see more definition. At the time, she was only doing cardio and not incorporating any strength training workouts into her weekly regime. She decided to start fitness training with Emilee and hasn’t looked back! By working with Emilee and incorporating strength training into her workouts, Lisa has been able to maintain a healthy weight, build beautiful, lean muscles and feel energetic and strong! She looks and feels absolutely amazing! Keep reading to hear more from Lisa about her BbE experience…

Here is what she has to say about training with Emilee:

“I have been committed to working out at the gym since my early 20’s. I was a cardio junkie and food binger, consistently exercising, eating very inconsistently and just not seeing results. I first met Emiliee through a client of mine for nutrition coaching and started training with her soon after. Not only did I find a life long friend but someone who really listened to my needs and changed my life. She has taught me the importance of including strength training into my workouts and through it, I have seen my body transform. Not only have I lost pounds and inches, I have gained lean muscle mass and gone down 2 pant sizes. I also have developed a well balanced diet and been freed from the emotional toll of starving and binging. Emilee truly is not only a trainer but a motivational life coach and friend. Thanks for helping me reach my goals and live life to the fullest.”

You are such a fun, sweet & beautiful girl! You love your healthy lifestyle and it shows! xo