How to get amazing bikini abs

Summer is here and you know what that means…beach time, pool time and of course bikini time! If you are consistently working your core and eating clean, but still struggling to get a tight, toned stomach and feel fit and confident in your bikini. No worries babes…we gotcha! Here’s your guide on how to build beautiful bikini abs the BbE way!

Live fit!

At the core of BbE is the concept of living fit! Training your abs starts there! In order to see and feel your abs, you are going to have to work them. Here are the 3 types of workouts essential to building beautiful bikini abs…

beach abs

1. Burn fat and condition your body with HIIT training.

In order to see definition in your abs, you are going to have to work to decrease your body fat. HIIT training is an ideal fat burning workout. At BbE we love all types of HIIT training…tabata intervals, sprints, turbulence training and power intervals. If you are new to the idea of HIIT training, the workouts consist of short, intense bursts of exercise with either active recovery (less intense exercise) or complete rest in between intervals. You can work through either cardio or strength focused routines as both will get your heart rate up and burn fat. 

2. Increase lean muscle mass with multi-joint strength training

Multi-joint exercises like squats with bicep curls, side lunges with upright rows and step ups with shoulder presses are definitely going to help you build the abs of your dreams! Working out this way, engages multiple muscles with each move…your body is working harder and burning more calories. Performing multi-joint exercises also requires you to use your core muscles during the entire movement, which means you’re sculpting your abs the whole time. Be sure and still include ab focused strength training moves such as plank, torso twist and crunches to specifically tone and tighten your abdominal muscles.

3. Ab Focused Cardio Workouts

Getting your heart rate up and working on your endurance is part of living fit, and when it comes to building beautiful bikini abs there are definitely certain cardio workouts designed to specifically work your core and tighten your abs. Cardio circuits are going to burn more calories than steady-state cardio will and incorporating some core focused moves into your cardio routine will really tone and tighten your abs! Combine some of our favorites into your regular cardio routine…burpees, jumping rope, mountain climbers, high knees and mummy kicks will burn calories and get those sexy stomach muscles working!


Eat healthy!

Next comes eating healthy! What you eat is one of the most important things to focus on when you are working on losing body fat and sculpting your dream body. A nutrition plan consisting of lean protein, vegetables, fruit and healthy fats, is absolutely essential. Follow the BbE recommendations below to make your beautiful bikini abs happen!


healthy kitchen 21. Get lean with protein.

Not only does protein help build muscle, it also keeps your metabolism high, reduces your hunger, keeps you satisfied longer and reduces belly fat. Be sure and include protein in each of your 3 main meals, post workout recovery and afternoon snack. Aim for 30-40% of your daily caloric intake to come from protein and you are off to a fabulous start!

2. Stick with unprocessed carbs.

Unprocessed, high-fiber carbs (quinoa, oats, vegetables, fruit and legumes), keep your blood sugar balanced and your body in fat-burning mode. High-glycemic processed carbs (bread, pasta, crackers, chips and baked goods) contribute to fat storage in the midsection, sluggish energy and overeating. Eat only the unprocessed stuff and watch what a difference it makes!

3. Kiss sugar goodbye!

Sugar is the absolute enemy of your bikini abs. What else can we say? It is unhealthy, addictive, mostly found in high calorie, nutrient poor foods. Done. Taking a break from sugar is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your nutrition, health and fitness! Kiss it goodbye babes! Your body will love you for it and you will love your abs!

4. Healthy fats…eat some to lose some!

Including healthy fats into your daily nutrition will help reduce inflammation, maintain your blood sugar and promote fat loss. Eating avocado, nuts, nut butter, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado and flax seeds actually enhance your metabolism and satiety…keeping you full longer. Studies have also shown healthy fats help curb cravings as well as support hormone balance and recovery after intense exercise. If you want a leaner, sexier core…don’t cut out the healthy fats!

5. Go green!

Eating lots of vegetables is absolutely key to building beautiful bikini abs the BbE way! Their high-fiber content fills you up, so you eat less calorie-dense foods, they support healthy digestion, they are rich in nutrients, low in calories, delicious and so important when it come to getting toned abs.  At BbE Some of our favorites are spinach, kale, asparagus, red peppers and beets. Try to get as many vegetables into your meals as possible…at least 3-4 servings every single day!

6. Establish a kitchen “last call”!

Late night snacking is a hard habit to break, but it is such a healthy nutrition sabotage. The calories from those late night snacks add up quickly! If you want lean, bikini ready abs, it is habit you are going to have to break. Establish an eating cut off time and “close” the kitchen for the night. If a craving hits, make some tea with coconut almond milk or just head to bed early! Reading a book or getting a little extra sleep is so much better for you than empty calories from late night snacks. 

7. Drink up!

We can’t emphasize it enough! DRINK UP! Aim for 64 – 96 ounces of water everyday! It keeps your body functioning optimally, reduces bloating and water retention and keeps your hunger levels in check (you often mistake thirst for hunger). One of the easiest things you can do to keep your nutrition on track and make those beautiful bikini abs happen. Be sure and carry a water bottle with you all day, every day to keep your beautiful body hydrated and healthy!

Be inspired!

Alright babes! We hope our tips and suggestions help inspire and motivate you to make some healthy changes and work on building your beautiful bikini abs the BbE way! Healthy, fit and positive is what is takes to MAKE IT HAPPEN! We know you are going to look amazing this summer! Love your body! Love your life! xo