best post natal personal trainer Denver
Happy Mother’s Day from BbE! In honor of the day, we want to highlight and introduce one of our very special BbE moms, Reid Brodie. Reid is an absolutely amazing and inspirational mom of two adorable daughters, Davis and Collins. Not only did we have so much fun photographing them in their gorgeous Denver apartment, we also got a chance to sit down with Reid and talk about how working with Body by Emilee owner, Emilee Jones has helped her get in shape as well as how she balances fitness, nutrition and motherhood with beauty and grace!
best postnatal personal trainer Denver
When Emilee first met with Reid she was 6 months postpartum from the birth of her second daughter, Davis. She was still carrying around extra weight from the pregnancy and hadn’t been exercising at all. She was so excited and ready to get back into a consistent fitness program, increase her energy and live a healthier lifestyle! What she didn’t know was how equally excited Emilee was to start working with her!
best postnatal personal trainer Denver
This gorgeous girl is not only an amazing mama, she is also a former professional volleyball player and once she gets into the gym, there is no doubting her athletic background and competitive spirit! Her focus and determination let you know, she will put forth her full effort to take on any challenge and will not back down to anything. She shows up to every workout with a beautiful smile, positive energy and immeasurable inner strength, absolutely ready to work her muscles, increase her endurance and…build her dream body, of course!  
best personal trainer Denver
At Reid’s initial consultation she chatted with Emilee about her lifestyle, goals and what she wanted help with. They decided to start with a few, small changes to her daily nutrition and two workouts a week. Five months later, Reid has decreased her body fat by 7%, lost 18 pounds and is looking and feeling fit and fabulous! Even more impressive is the way she balances her workouts, nutrition and time with family and friends. She keeps a regular schedule with her girls which includes play dates, park visits, lessons, errands and play time. She takes time to prepare and cook a healthy supper for the family each night and has even influenced her husband to start working out again. Reid is such an inspiration…running a household, raising her daughters, working out, eating healthy and all the while motivating others to do the same!
Here is what she had to say about how fitness and nutrition coaching with BbE!
best personal trainer for moms DenverBbE: How did working with BbE make it easier to get back in shape after baby #2?
Being a full time mom of two daughters (under the age of two) I was struggling with just keeping up the daily routine and not finding much time for myself. I needed a workout plan that I was going to be able to stick with that wouldn’t take away from my family time. Emilee was very flexible with her availability and was the first trainer I’ve met who had no problem with me bringing my youngest to my workout sessions. This enabled me to commit to two sessions per week when my oldest was at play school. During my sessions it is very common for Emilee to be holding baby Davis while I finish a rep (*BbE: Well of course she does…who could resist this face?) and I really appreciate all the different meal ideas she has. I love that she also encourages me to make little changes in my life that will help my overall health. For example, replacing the occasional soda with a healthier option, or working in some squats/abs/pushups while I’m playing with my kids. But for me, showing up and not having to think about what I’m going to do makes all the difference. Emilee comes with a plan and a smile, making my life a lot easier.

BbE: What are the biggest differences you noticed?

The changes in my body have been incredible. I have lost all of my baby weight plus a few pounds. What I like about working with Emilee is that she has tailored our workouts to effect the changes I want to see in different parts of my body. For example, she chiseled 7 inches off my waist, but added two inches to my butt :). Overall, I’m more toned and feel strong. The best moments are when I am getting ready to go out and I put on my jeans and everything fits right, my body feels tight and my clothes look good on me. Its a great sense of accomplishment and confidence.
BbE: What do you want other moms to know about BbE and our postpartum fitness and nutrition coaching?
What I like about Emilee is that she has been in my shoes, she’s had a baby and understands the challenges. Although I’m very active with my little ones every day, I don’t have five days a week that I can dedicate to workout time. Emilee takes advantage of the time we do have, encourages me to make a few other changes in my life that are very doable and she gets results. On days when I’m sore, injured or have been up since 5:00am she changes her plans to make sure I still get a good workout in. I never feel like I am in over my head or pressured, just supported. Emilee has become a permanent part of my life, my only regret is not starting with her sooner!
best personal trainer for moms Denver
Here is more from Reid about getting fit and transforming her body with Emilee.
“Shortly after having my second baby I was ready to get back in shape, but was lacking some motivation. A referral from a friend and a meeting with Emilee was all I needed. I committed to two days a week and Emilee committed to not only working with me, but also my 6 month old daughter (who hangs out with us while I do my workouts). Emilee has a phenomenal understanding of the body and how to get results. I started seeing changes in just a couple weeks and haven’t looked back. I love how I feel, but more importantly I love my workouts. Emilee and I work hard, laugh a ton and motivate each other. She’s what was missing for me to make a change and feel confident again about my body.”
Thank you Reid! You are such an amazing person, friend and mother and we absolutely can’t imagine life without you, Davis and Collins! You brighten our world and shine as a beautiful example of healthy, fit and balanced living! xo