best postnatal personal trainer DenverCheck out the fabulous Dani Nelson Everson. Dani is a mother of three young boys and super successful business owner. This gorgeous mama is getting back into shape after baby number three with Body by Emilee owner, Emilee Jones. Emilee first started training her five years ago for her wedding and couldn’t wait to get her back in the gym! Dani has been working hard to get fit, keeping the whole family healthy with yummy BbE recipes and maintaining balance with family time, travel and running a busy hair salon! 

Here is what Dani had to say about Fitness Training with Emilee Jones:

“Emilee is the only trainer that can make me laugh while I’m crying. She is super fun to train with but whoops your butt. I used her for getting me into shape prior to my wedding in 2010 and then have tried other gyms and classes since then. After 2 kids I had to find her info again because I needed some major help. She is really realistic about what you expect and also sets goals so that it’s obtainable.”

We think you are simply amazing Dani! Way to keep it all going girl! xo