best personal trainer for brides Denver

“I first started working out with Emilee in September of 2012. With my wedding only three months away I had a lot of work to do. I weighed 153 pounds and really wanted to hit my goal weight of 145. Never being under 150 pounds it felt almost impossible. I had been working out on my own for over a year, and was at a stand still with my weight. With Emilee’s help and dedication I actually weighed 144.6 on the day I left for my destination wedding.

Not only did Emilee help me hit my goal, she also made a nutrition plan that worked for my body. She helped me figure out how many calories I could eat a day. I was never hungry, and I never felt like I was not eating enough. Working out with her was also a pleasure, and the hour went by in what seemed like 10 minutes. With Emilee I got to laugh and feel like I was hanging out with a girl friend while I was getting the body I always wanted. Emilee helped me change my body and my life.”